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We recently approached the subject of how other people can see us in class. And it's really interesting to see stereotypes existing depending on the country, on the culture... But stereotypes can also be linked to individuals. The society easily puts a label on people being different from the "norm". You can also be judged on your physical appearance rather than on your real personality, which leads so many people to self image issues. Can we really blame this behaviour ? Not really. Cause I think we all tend to do that, even though we might not want to. We all have stereotypes whether we're aware of that or not. Brainy people are obviously too serious and are such buzzkills, sporty people are ignorant... We don't mean to be mistaken but we quite often are because the society is filled with clichés.

Stereotypes are often associated with a pejorative image. The more obvious are the ones dealing with countries. All French are arrogant snails-eaters while all Americans are fighters carrying guns. It can be quite funny but also kind of infuriating to see how many people judge without knowing. I definitely think this is a matter of knowledge. We focus on first impressions rather than on what we know for sure. We just shouldn't judge what we don't really know. How can you put a label on someone whose true personality remains unknown to you ? In the end, the only judge of yourself is you, nobody else. As for countries, a lot of people believe what they hear even if they've never been to said country.

Stereotypes may not be a big deal as they are omnipresent in our society but they can be hurtful for some people, therefore you should always think and try to know and discover things by yourself to make your own opinion instead of hearing nonsense people say. We should be sensible and start realizing that.

Still, setereotypes can be a funny and useful way to learn more about another culture and the differences that exist between two of them. As a French person, it always interests and amuses me to hear what foreigners think of our traditions. I'm interested to learn more about a culture I was wrong about as well, discovering that what I thought was true is actually one more stereotype.

Let me share with you the link to the Youtube channel of an American youtuber I discovered a few years ago, Dan. He's currently living in France and enjoys talking (in French!) about differences between the USA and France, stereoytpes Americans have about French people and vice versa, what he learned from his experience... It's very interesting and enriching ! I got to learn more about the American way of life thanks to this guy !

In this video, he talks about American and English stereotypes with one of his friends :

You should definitely have a look to his channel, all of his videos are interesting and hilarious at the same time !

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