Let's go back to the future !

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What if you could go back in time ? And what if you could see your own future ? Would you do it ?

Okay, I wanted to do a badass introduction but I failed.

That's right, today we're gonna talk about some of my favorite movies ever, Back To The Future.


Back To The Future is basically an american trilogy directed by Robert Zemeckis, featuring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as the main characters. It talks about - big spoilers coming up, prepare yourself - time-travel... with a DeLorean. It may sound silly but the time machine was initially supposed to be a fridge so... Yup.

The first one aired in 1985 and I'm gonna talk about this one in particular.


The plot : 80's teen Marty Mcfly (pretty cool name, huh ?) witnesses the death of his friend, the scientist Doctor Emmett Brown, killed by some Libyan terrorists. He uses Doc's time machine to escape, a DeLorean, and accidentally goes back to... 1955. The year his parents are supposed to meet each other. Things, however, are not going according to plan since Marty's future mother (is this pretty clear ?) falls in love... with her own future son (okay, definitely not clear). Helped by his old (or is he new ?) friend Doc, still alive, Marty must find a way to make his parents fall in love with each other and go back to 1985 before desappearing from time and space.

That's seems pretty great, doesn't it ?


What can I say ? This movie is just brilliant. The plot is great and gave birth to some of the most iconic lines in cinema. I honestly don't see how someone could dislike it. Seriously. That's impossible. Not only the plot is... Whoooow but the characters as well are awesome. The duo Marty-Doc is what makes the whole thing ! Marty is the definition of being cool and sassy. But Doc has to be my favorite because... for a reason I can't explain, I just love mad scientists. Actually, you gotta love them BOTH. The dynamic between the actors is amazing and impressive. Oh and let's not forget the soundtracks. The soudtracks are SUPER DUPER COOL.

If you haven't watched it already, JUST DO IT (cc Shia Labeouf). It's thrilling, it's funny, it's brilliant, it's amazing and it's actually one of the greatest things in the world. There.

Trailer here : https://youtu.be/qvsgGtivCgs

And I shall conclude with an epic sentence : if this trilogy deals with time travel, it will forever remain timeless.

Thanks for reading!






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