Is the world insane ?

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Today I'd like to take a moment to talk about a thing that has always revolted me (even though "revolted" is not enough powerful to describe the rage I feel).


As an amimals lover, the idea of people abandonning their dog or cat has always made me furious. But to think that innocent animals are slaughtered, I can't understand how can some people stand this. Animals slaughtered for food, everybody is aware of that. That's not what I wanna approach. I eat meat sometimes and it makes me sick when I think about it. But that's not the point, people have always eaten meat. The point is that so many animals are killed without stunning ! They're hurt and dying and they're still conscious. When we think that animals have been recognized as living beings able to feel in the Code Civil since only 2015, I nearly lose faith in the human race. TWO THOUSAND AND  FITHTEEN. That's how long it took in France.

"Oh ! I've got a theory ! Animals might be able to feel things as well as humans do ! **SPOILERS** Perhaps they're living too after all ! :O"

And I can't even describe this insanity.


Humans are always so selfish. Don't get me wrong, I'm having an objective point of view here. Luckily for our world, we're not all the same. But humans in general are so focused on their silly little life that they're blind to what's happening right under their nose. THEIR existence seems to be what really matters in the end. I'll give an exemple to what I'm trying to say. I've never really liked bugs. Call me a sissy but some of them scare the hell out of me. But how is their life less important than ours ? An let's not forget plants. People never care about insects or plants, they don't mind killing them because "after all, they're not that important".

Animals, insects and plants do not hurt on purpose. They kill to survive, or by instinct, not by pleasure. They're not stupid, they're not selfish, they're not excentric, they're not superficial, they're not cruel. They're innocent and beautiful.


They're simply better than human beings.

Perhaps we should learn something from them.

The point of this article was not to incite anyone to give up hope on humanity but to denounce some things that need to change. We can all do something, in our own way. Cause humanity is pathetic and horrible but it can also be good and amazing. I truly believe nothing is over as long as people keep fighting for values and justice. We cannot allow ourselves to have a manichaean way of thinking. The world is neither black or white, it is made with shades. There have been so many injustices since time immemorial and it took some time, it took a lot of tme, but some of them were eventually eradicated. And whether for the famous or for the everyday-heroes that struggle(d) for a better future, we simply cannot stop believing. Cause yes, I do believe heroes exist. They're not perfect, they have their flaws, they didn't ask to be called heroes and that's precisely the point. They're not seeking glory, they just don't wait for someone else to act. I admire these people who give me hope despite the terrible times.

I feel like I got off the topic but I really needed to share my thoughts about this kind of things. Our planet is beautiful and needs to be protected, and that means each and every single one of its inhabitants.

All life is precious.


Thanks for reading !


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