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Hi, everyone ! I hope everything is doing well. For my part, I'm pretty really stressed cause we'll have to take some important exams next week. As we have to pass our Bac (A levels in Britain) at the end of the year and also next year, we take something we call "Bac blanc" (it's a sort of pre-bac if I can call it so), which is a chance in my opinion. I don't think I should worry that much, I'm sutdying hard but I'm easily stressed... by everything actually. I want everything to be perfect and I'm desappointed when it's not. One of my biggest flaws (and God knows we could make a long list of them!). Well... may the Force be with me.

Anyway. This is not the point of this article. Today I'd like to do a little hommage to a man who inspired me since I was very young. A great man and an amazing actor who left us way too early : Alan Rickman.


I'm aware it's almost been a month ago now but it doesn't matter. I needed to do this.

I think everyone mostly knows him for his role of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter saga. This is how I knew him. I fell in love with this franchise 9 years ago. I read the books before waching the movies and I remember I immediately loved Snape. He's actually my favorite character. I knew I'd be very demanding with the actor portraying him and Alan Rickman did everything but desappoint me. He was the PERFECT Snape, the one I needed, the one we all needed, the one the world needed, the one the whole universe needed.


He was also mostly known for his stunning performances in a lot of other movies, such as Die Hard, Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves, Truly Madly Deeply, Eye in The Sky or A Little Chaos, to name but a few. He wasn't only a great actor but also a great comedian (please make the difference between those two areas). Not only a great comedian but also a great man.  

He was definitely one of the most talented actors in our era and definitely one of my favorites. I wish I could have met him and told him how much I admired him. He never stopped inspiring me since my childhood.

When I heard what happened on January 14th, it was like a whole world was crumbling around me. I was devastated. 9 years of my life were desappearing with him.

Except that no. I don't believe that anymore. Cause the ones you admire the most never really leave you. They become a part of you and keep inspiring you with everything they've done. Alan... He was a shining star. And he will never stop illuminating us. He will keep living through his work, through the heart of his fans and his close ones. He will never be gone there. 

"After all this time ?" "Always."


Here are some tributes to the talented, charismatic, funny and amazing man he was I found :




Rest in Peace, Alan Rickman.

Thanks for reading.

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