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So on Saturday, I went to see The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2 and Spectre in theaters with some friends. At first, I wanted to do something related to Christmas as it's coming really soon now but my lack of inspiration led me to this.


Mockingjay Part 2 was brilliant and epic !!! I love The Hunger Games series and it was probably my favorite one along with the first one.That was the final battle. I knew how it was going to end as I've read the books but I was curious to see how they managed to do it. That's why I love reading a book before seeing its movie, to see if the director succeeded in catching the spirit of the story. And Francis Lawrence dit it again ! I thought it was very respectful to the book and the actors were so good ! Jennifer Lawrence is, in my opinion, the perfect Katniss.                                                                                                


I'd like to talk about a few characters, and more  specifically about the main character, Katniss Everdeen. I just love her. She's resourceful, protective, stubborn, smart and short tempered. She'll fight until the end for what she believes in, no matter what's the cost. She's not afraid of showing who she really is and I admire her character. It's so GOOD to have a strong, independent woman as a born leader.



Girls are always told they have to be "fragile and delicate princesses", Katniss is showing us that women don't necessarly need a man and can be fine on their own.They're tough and powerful. She's not only a strong female symbol, but the symbol of rebellion.

She's also pretty complex as she's reserved and do not show her feelings easily which is probably why I love her so much : I like complex characters.


Now I know I'll probably get killed by most of the fans but I'm not as found of Peeta Mellark as most of them. He's a really sweet, loyal and nice character, he deeply cares about Katniss as much as she cares about him, but I don't know. Sometimes, he annoys me. And this is where the entire fanbase turns its weapons to me. I guess I like him wihout adoring him. But I'm sorry, this is not the worst of it. I actually like Katniss's best friend, Gale Hawthorne. I'm aware a lot of people actually hate him but I sincerely don't understand why. He can be annoying at times I suppose but he's strong and willing to do anything for Katniss. I don't adore him either but I don't get why people get so angry when it comes to him.



Haymitch Abernathy, Katniss and Peeta's mentor, is my favorite character along with Katniss. He's a pretty complex character as well. Really sarcastic and often drunk, he can be truly irritating but however clever and wise. He's very helpful and supportive with Katniss, who can counts on him no matter what happens.


I aslo love Finnick Odair, loyal and ingenious, and Johanna Mason, another strong and independent woman.


Now, what's an epic movie without its villain ? President Snow symbolizes in a way every dictator that have existed. Tyrannical and ruthless, he's also pretty creepy. I usually have a thing for fictional villians but I hate Snow. That's what so good about his character. The reader/viewer feels nothing but antipathy for him. And Donald Sutherland did a great job portraying him.


The Hunger Games isn't only a great universe with a great plot and great characters. It's more than that. It deals with tyranny, war and its consequences.It has sensibilized a lot of teenajers to this subject, helped them to understand what rebellion really is. Of course this is not just a "young people thing". It's easily accessible to everyone. This is a powerful, symbolic, educational and thrilling story at the same time. This is why I love it so much.

Trailer here :



So this is for my little review. Well, it was more of a global review but the movie was awesome and I absolutely loved it. One more thing : I found the ending atmosphere different from the one in the book, that's the only thing that frustated me a bit. That and the love triangle. Come on, love triangles are so boring ! But if you actually like The Hunger Games or simply are interested, then go for it, it's definitely worth it.

I just wanted to share an  extract from Mockingjay Part 1 that I love, which is a very strong scene, illustrating the idea of revolt :

Like I said, I've also watched Spectre but I'm not going to talk about it cause I don't have a good knowledge of the James Bond universe. But the movie was very good, I really liked it, there was a lot of action (obviously) and the actors were truly talented.

Here's the trailer :

Well that's it.

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