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Hello, everyone ! I hope you all had a great Halloween ! I basically wanted to do something related to Halloween but I'm probably gonna do that next time because, well... I'm a terrible person (and I'm not even gonna tell you what it is yet, ah ! As you can see, I'm also very evil) Whatever.

So here's the thing : I LOVE theatre. Acting is one of my passions and I also enjoy watching plays ! It's thanks to the universe-that-stole-my heart-and-my-soul-forever-also-known-as-Harry Potter that I discovered three years ago the Team Starkid. I can already see you wondering what on Earth can Team Starkid possibly be.


Well, it's an American theatre company best known for its musical parodies. Let me do a brief summary of the story of its members. They studied at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and it is as huge Harry Potter fans (Potterheads is the name!) that Darren Criss (yes, I bet you know him from Glee), Brian Holden and the brothers Matt & Nick Lang wrote A Very Potter Musical which, as surprising as it might be, is a Harry Potter parody. They took the decision to put the whole show on Youtube, so that their family and friends, who couldn't go see them, have the chance to watch it. The parody gained millions of views and they decided to create Starkid Productions (or Team Starkid) in 2009. The Team has now centered its plays in Chicago, where most of the members moved in. 


Today, they have made about 9 musicals and a lot of other things, such as tours (SPACE Tour, Apocalyptour) or sketch shows (Airport for Birds, 1 Night 2 Last 3 Ever, Yes I AM afraid of the dark...).

They're so talented, they inspire me with everything that they do. I would love to have a Team like that I could do awesome parodies with ! They can sing, they can act, they can dance, they're hilarious and really nice... Sometimes I wonder if there is anything, anything at all, that they cannot do. In short, they're amazing.

If you love theatre just like me or musicals or BOTH, I can only recommend you to check up their Youtube channel ( and their webside (


I think I can do a little summary of my favorite show, A Very Potter Musical. Well, it's a pretty hard choice to make because I absolutely love all their productions but this is my love for the Potter-universe speaking and I can't do anything against it. They made two other Harry Potter parodies (A Very Potter Sequel and A Very Potter Senior Year) but if I REALLY had to choose, I would pick the first one cause... this is the beginning of everything I guess.

So A Very Potter Musical. What is it about ? Harry Potter, yes. Thanks, Captain Obvious !


Harry, Ron and Hermione are back for their second year at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. An increidible new is waiting for them : the House Cup Tournament has been re-installed ! Each Hogwarts House has a Champion who has to brave numerous dangers in an attempt to win the House Cup. Kind of like the Triwizard Tournament ? Yes, sort of like the Triwizard Tournament. Except... No, not like that at all ! How could it be the TRIwizard Tournament with FOUR teams ? Harry and his friends don't know that Quirrell, their new professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, works under Lord Voldemort, who is more than ready to take his revenge on the boy who lived. Another mundane year for Harry ? But when Draco Malfoy rolls on the floor, Dumbledore hangs a Zac Efron poster on the wall of his office and Voldemort and Quirrell plan to go watching a movie together, we can say that this year is gonna be Totally Awesome ! 

Here's the link to the first part of the show :

Well. That's it for today. I've just got one more thing to say : the fact that they became Internet phenomenons by being fans, just like you (I guess you're a fan of something or someone) and me is really inspiring. They live for their passion and that is a great thing !

Have a look on their stuff if you're interested, really !

Thanks for reading, I'll see you next time :D

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